the Dye Dept.
Textile Arts, Dyeing and Costume Breakdown

Dye Dept. Crew

Core crew 2015 onward: Katie Blecker, Emily McIntyre, Layne Beck and Anthea Mallinson


The artists who have worked over the years as core crew at the Dye Dept. have the wonderful opportunity to hone and broaden their skills base to a very high level of experience and knowledge. They get to know the teams and designers in Vancouver and become respected and coveted practitioners in Vancouver's film industry. As Vancouver's production capabilities have grown, many of our core crew have become Textile Arts and Dyer/Breakdown team leaders.  Our core crew, (in rough chronological order), has included:

Denise Gingrich; Heather (Rupert) Seshadri; Lanny Campbell; Hollie McBeth; Ellie Schultz; Tessa Armstrong; Leana McGregor; Briana Scott; Ahra Ko, Katie Blecker, Emily McIntyre

As always, my gratitude also goes out to the artists who have come in for special projects from time to time, such as the wonderful jeweller Bridget Catchpole and the talented artist Eleanor Hannan

Thanks also to the many artists in Vancouver's rich pool of talent who have been here for shorter periods, sometimes time and time again. I cannot list you all.


Anthea Mallinson, founder


  Emily McIntyre                          Anthea 2015


Emily McIntyre                                       Anthea Mallinson