the Dye Dept.
Textile Arts, Dyeing and Costume Breakdown

the Dye Dept.

the Dye Dept. is founded by Anthea Mallinson and is an affiliation of a handful of Vancouver’s textile artists. We have been working hard in the film industry as dyers, breakdown artists and textile artists on films that range from science fiction and fantasy to horror, comedy and the contemporary. We pride ourselves on our extensive skill base honed and developed in the demanding, problem solving milieu of dyeing, breakdown and textile arts for costumes; portraying the regal, the poor, the impossible and the every day. We use a wide range of dyes and techniques.  We are acutely aware of ecological impact and are constantly researching to stay abreast of this important issue. We love applying our collective technical and artistic skills to new projects and ideas.

Anthea is also a teacher and has recently retired from 35 years of teaching at Capilano University.

The Dye Dept and this website are in transition.


 immersion dyeing


A costume for film or theatre is never the work of one person alone. Pictures on our web site of finished costumes have had the input of a myriad of talented people.

We would like to take this opportunity to acknowledge the designers, cutters, seamstresses, builders, shoppers, organizers, sculptors, milliners, jewelers – all artists – who together create the garb for those who people stage and screen.

The costume workshop is often a hub of artistic exchange, where big money, rare materials and specialized talents cooperate on one project, sharing information, inspiration and skill.

Every costume is the product of many hands.