the Dye Dept.
Textile Arts, Dyeing and Costume Breakdown

Anthea Mallinson ~ Founder


I believe in the knowledge of the maker.  The accumulated experience of the hands-on process and the resulting sensitivity to material qualities amount to a high level of skill.

Artists in the film industry are always exploring and pushing the boundaries of their materials; we frequently find ourselves “outside our comfort zone” and are constantly engaged in creative problem solving in collaboration with one another.  That collaborative process is a subtle and powerful teacher. This is the foundation of the skills of the Dye Dept.

The world of textiles is enormous and has an immense history.  Much of what we still use today – linen, cotton, silk, wool – has been with us for millennia; the entire accumulated knowledge of textile process, design and colour, is still relevant and even contemporary.  

In my work I try to blend the knowledge that comes from the deep history of textiles and textile processes together with contemporary issues and sensitivities, to reach a desired outcome.


Education and Experience

34 years experience teaching textiles at the college/university level (since 1988)                                                                                                     (See 'Links'  Capilano University Faculty: Anthea Mallinson)

25 years experience with textiles in the film industry (IATSE 891 since 1997)                                                                                                            (See 'Links'   Anthea Mallinson ~ IMDB)

LSDC (Licentiate of the Society of Dyers and Colorists)  (See 'Links'  SDC)

Tapestry Diploma, West Dean College, Sussex, England (See 'Links' West Dean College)

BGS (Bachelor of General Studies) TRU-OL